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New year. New projects.

I knew this was going to happen, it didn't even take me a month, but it has happened. I have 3 new projects that I will start working on this year:
1- A goatFISH album.
Sahffi and I have decided to work on a new goatFISH EP, so far we have a full new song, and have started a 2nd one, we shall be documenting this process and sharing it with you all soon.
2- Enchanting Paramnesia 
Finishing up the Mosno EP that is being produced be Joe Scala, we took a little break from it due to Joe getting ready for his CD release on Jan/17th. Once that's over the break is done.
3- Autumn Desert & The Moon
For those who followed me last year, you all already know about the love poet I wrote called "Autumn, Desert, & The Moon". Now I'm thinking of joining forces with a good friend of mine to create an accompaniment book to go with the 3 part poem AND to compose music for each section AND even possibly do some kind of Spoken Word album with it. I'm still working out the final …

No Resolution for 2015

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you've had a safe and delightful transition into 2015, mine was awesome, I played a benefit concert to help raise money for The Vegan Living Program, the same program that helped me transition into my beautiful,  peaceful Vegan life style :)
One thing that happens every year is the whole Resolution thing, personally I'm not a fan of this, it has never worked, at least for me. You don't have to Change yourself every year, that is just exhausting,  and un-effective. I'd rather improve on what I already have, or even just make a minor adjustment, I found that to work much better.
A good way to do this is reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, and use that as a building block for this shiny new one. I'm proud of many things I've done in 2014, most notably is the release of my 3 year concept album "NOVELLA : a love letter to culture clash", getting it reviewed in Canada, Qatar, Baltimore, and even a Sudan/San Franc…