New year. New projects.

I knew this was going to happen, it didn't even take me a month, but it has happened.
I have 3 new projects that I will start working on this year:

1- A goatFISH album.
Sahffi and I have decided to work on a new goatFISH EP, so far we have a full new song, and have started a 2nd one, we shall be documenting this process and sharing it with you all soon.

2- Enchanting Paramnesia 
Finishing up the Mosno EP that is being produced be Joe Scala, we took a little break from it due to Joe getting ready for his CD release on Jan/17th. Once that's over the break is done.

3- Autumn Desert & The Moon
For those who followed me last year, you all already know about the love poet I wrote called "Autumn, Desert, & The Moon". Now I'm thinking of joining forces with a good friend of mine to create an accompaniment book to go with the 3 part poem AND to compose music for each section AND even possibly do some kind of Spoken Word album with it. I'm still working out the final idea for that one.

Bonus Project.
I've also been thinking of creating a small acoustic  EP of collection of songs that I don't play out as often, such as "As I Moan" and "You Never Answer ", and even one of my newest song "Waltz of Leaves".

And those are just the ones I'm sharing with you, there are a few other projects that I can't quite speak about just yet. 2015 looks to be filled with creativity, and I'm going to try my best to improve on what I already have, especially sonically. 

Maybe this will be the year I finally incorporate Guitar Effect pedals into my act, I love those things, but they scare the desert out of me.
Wish me luck.

- - - - - 
Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
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