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LunaVerse : Lyric Book Video

So, as many of you may know, I had decided to create a lyric book for my upcoming "LunaVerse" album. My talented friend Gela of PR Graffix created some beautiful images for the book, an image for each of the songs.
She also went a head and created a lovely little video of the work.

With no further ado, here is:
"The making of LunaVerse: Songs of Selenophilia" Lyric book edition.
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Happy Full Moon + GREAT NEWS(s)

Happy Full Moon every one.
I have some news for you.

I am SO excited to announce that not only is the album now officially mastered, but we now also have the album art work which was a collaboration of two of my favorite humans and close friends rob of ilyAIMY & Gela of PR Graffix.

Here is why this album cover is so special.
The Moon image was a photograph taken by rob of the Supermoon, when it appeared here in Baltimore. So its the moon looking at us here.
And since the album is called "LunaVerse" a combo of "Luna + Universe", I wanted something "universe-y". So Gela and I looked up different nebulas, as we searched for "Capricorn", and came across some lovely images that were an inspiration of what you see today.

Samples of the songs form the album have been made, and they will be shared with you all very soon, so you can get an auditorial glimpse of what is to come from this beautiful project.

The lo…

Closer to the moon

Great News friends.
 I can officially say, that I have finished recording my "Lunaverse" album, woho. It took a while and I apologize, but a few things have come up on the way. I moved resting palces (but still in Baltimore area), I co-produced Janice B.'s latest album "Mantra" with Maurice of StinkyFace Music, I'm also learning some new Tech skills, like how to program in Python, and Web Development for a side project I'm working on.

Also I think I like this image to be used in some way for the album.
Its an photo taken of the Supermoon, from Baltimore, by my good friend Rob Hinkal of ilyAIMY , which I think appropriate since this moon album was created in Baltimore, it'll be a full circle type of thing.

Alright, I just wanted to share the good news with you all.
I'll be back soon with more updated.
Big hugs, and much love.

When you have a chance, go be creative today.

Late Winter and Early Spring

March has been a very interesting month weather wise, we had a late snow storm immediately followed by Spring weather in the 50s(F) to 70s(F). But no worries that has no stopped my fellow Baltimorians or I from still spreading good vibes.
 I've been listening to the semi-final mixes of the "LunaVerse" album, making last minute adjustments, and even thinking of re-imagining one of the songs. Its just not sitting right with me, so I may have to try and see how else to present it to you all.

 I also had the opportunity to upload a couple of albums to The Mosnonauts BandCamp page which I've been getting feedback on from the lovely members, they seem to be enjoying them, here they are:

 Also later this month, I am honored to be part of a short list of local artist who will be giving a private performance to some very special people, to help convince them to bring their music festival to our beloved Baltimore.

I hope March has been treating you well, more from news will be …

And its only February!

What an active Winter we've had.
Two months in, and there is already bans against minorities, rejection of refugees, and a political cabinets being over run by spawns of hell themselves, all while a tiny tiny doll, who believes is a real person, stands and lies as if its his oxygen. Holy Crap. The so called president is Pinocchio.

I will be doing a benefit concert in April, to help raise money for a lovely cause called "Henna With Love", that gives 100% of the money towards treatments for refugees.

More on this will come.
In the mean time, please be kind to each other.

Much love

A Shiny New Year

Its a whole new year, yes certain things didn't go as we planned in the past, and things are looking a bit trepidations in the future, but it is STILL the future non the less.

I'm still excited because I will be part of a couple of projects this year (if not more). One of which will of course be "LunaVerse", as well as being a co-producer with Maurice of Stinkiface Studios for artist Janice B.'s upcoming project.

I'm also hoping to bring out The Moonbeams for more performances, as well as working on personal things, and hopefully blog a bit more if I can.

Thank you for being part of my journey thus far, I really appreciate all the love and support you have given me. And if this is your first time here, Shukran wa Marhaba (Thank You & Welcome).

Lets make 2017 amazing for all of us.
I love you all.

Dec 19th : System Down !! SUDAN

On Dec 19th of 2016.
The people of Sudan are rising up against the Government.
Omar Al-Basheer is threatening to "KILL" anyone who goes out marching against him.

I feel like NO one talks about my beloved Sudan, its almost always under the radar. They revolted TWICE in the past 3 years, but NO one spoke about them. The media has no problems talking about Egypt, Syria, Libiya, or almost any other country, but it comes to my beloved Sudan, suddenly the media has nothing to say, and this is not just in America.

My people have been FORCED to not only revolt, but to document their own revolution. They use cell phones to document the marches to YouTube, for the rest of us to see what is happening on the ground level. The Sudanese Government knows this, which is why they have no problem KILLING anyone who apposes them.

Enough is Enough!I'm using my site to help spread the word about what is happening in Sudan. They have already banned this site there, but its not banned in the rest …