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Happy 2020

Hello friends,  I simply wanted to wish everyone a happy shiny new year. I apologize for not being in the scene much, I can't promise that I will in the future, but I still wanted to send love to those who visit this side of the web :) An announcement I wanted to make, my music page is updated to have my 3 albums, all are free to stream and download, feel free to go have a listen. Enjoy the new year. See you all soon. Big Hugs & Lots of love. Mosno.
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Song Release Today!!: Moon Dancer

I'm SUPER excited to announce, that TODAY we have released the single " Moon Dancer " to the world. Yes, its finally happening. the full EP " Selenophilia : Moon Songs " will be coming shortly. But for the moment, one of my favorite songs in this EP is now yours to hear and download in your favorite music streaming platform. We hope you enjoy it and that it gets you ready for the full release coming VERY soon. Thank you again for all the support. I love you. -Mosno

Blue for Sudan.

It is difficult, very difficult, and I'm sure many of my Sudanese diaspora around the world feel like I do. My beloved Sudan is going through some extraordinary changes, and unfortunately it has brought forth many lost lives, and even more instability in my beautiful home-land. Being a foreigner in a foreign land, it feels..odd, and powerless, knowing that all I can do is re-tweet, or write blog posts about the situation there, while many are fighting for their lives, for the soul and future of our country, and ergo for me. Saying "Shukran (Thank You)" is not enough, saying "I love you" is not enough, saying anything is not enough, but saying nothing is unacceptable. When I started my musical journey many years ago, I had made a decision, it was to not sing political songs. I wanted to be a prototype, not a stereotype. The main reason for that was, to sing to my Western audience songs that they would relate to, songs about love, about heart-break, about.

Thank You, I Love You.

Hello my lovely fellow Moon lovers,  I wanted to thank you all so much for your patience with me through this whole process. But I come barring good news, the album is almost ready for you. I'm finishing up the graphics of the album with the new name, because as you may or may not have heard, apparently the name "Lunaverse" is trademarked, so I was not able to use it as my album name. The new name is "Selenophilia : Moon Songs". I am working my hardest to get it released THIS year, hopefully in late spring early summer. BUT I will not have you all wait any longer to hear it. So I have created snippets of the album for your listening pleasure, that way you know what to expect. Thank you all again SO much for your love and support through out this journey. I love you all dearly. Enjoy. Selenophilia (snippets) by Mosno Al-Moseeki

The Last Christmas Special :(

Hello everyone,  Today's post is bitter sweet. Its bitter because this will be the last run of a lovely and beloved holiday tradition called "The Baltimore Christmas Special". Its sweet, because I have the great honor to be a part of it one more time. Thanks to co-creator Spencer Humm . If you don't know about it, The Baltimore Christmas Special, previously known as "The Hack & Slash Christmas Special", is a yearly holiday event. This will be its 15th Year running, with no future plans for another one, unfortunately.  It is a live, comedy variety show. It is a family friendly event that features comedy sketches, some stand up, music performances, and so much more. Some of the proceeds of the tickets went to helping build wells to provide clean water to villages, and people were encouraged to bring clothing and canned food to be donated to local shelters and food banks. So in a way, you are actually doing a good deed, by simply enjoying yourself.

Closer to the moon

Great News friends.  I can officially say, that I have finished recording my "Songs of Selenophilia" album, woho. It took a while and I apologize, but a few things have come up on the way. I moved resting palces (but still in Baltimore area), I co-produced Janice B. 's latest album "Mantra" with Maurice of StinkyFace Music , I'm also learning some new Tech skills, like how to program in Python, and Web Development for a side project I'm working on. Also I think I like this image to be used in some way for the album. Its an photo taken of the Supermoon, from Baltimore, by my good friend Rob Hinkal of ilyAIMY , which I think appropriate since this moon album was created in Baltimore, it'll be a full circle type of thing. Alright, I just wanted to share the good news with you all. I'll be back soon with more updated. Big hugs, and much love. When you have a chance, go be creative today. Mosno.

Late Winter and Early Spring

March has been a very interesting month weather wise, we had a late snow storm immediately followed by Spring weather in the 50s(F) to 70s(F). But no worries that has no stopped my fellow Baltimorians or I from still spreading good vibes.  I've been listening to the semi-final mixes of the "LunaVerse" album, making last minute adjustments, and even thinking of re-imagining one of the songs. Its just not sitting right with me, so I may have to try and see how else to present it to you all.  I also had the opportunity to upload a couple of albums to The Mosnonauts BandCamp page which I've been getting feedback on from the lovely members, they seem to be enjoying them, here they are:  Also later this month, I am honored to be part of a short list of local artist who will be giving a private performance to some very special people, to help convince them to bring their music festival to our beloved Baltimore. I hope March has been treating you well, more from news wi