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Selenophilia: Moon Songs (2019) 

This is a bi-lingual 7 song EP, of moon themed songs.
Being a lover of the moon, Mosno came across the term "Selenophilia", which means someone who has a love of the moon, which he very much has. Using that as inspiration he connected with co-producer Maurice Carroll and 2 years later, this EP was  released.
It also includes  his very first song ever in his native tongue, Arabic.
Enjoy it Moon lovers.

NOVELLA : A Love Letter To Culture Clash (2014)
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This album was an adventure to make.
Its a concept album, loosely based on Mosno's migration from his native land in Africa to America. It was one of the most complex projects he has worked on. Totally by chance, in almost every song he feature an artist who themselves are also immigrants to this country.
Mosno reefers to the album as an "enhanced audiobook" due to having narrations that help the listener navigate through the story.
Local Baltimore artist sing as specific characters through out the album to help with the story.
Make a cup of tea, dim the lights, close your eyes and enjoy the journey.

The Un-Genre (2010) 

Mosno's VERY first EP, 6 songs from a small collection of originals that he had written as he was establishing a name for him self in the Baltimore music scene.