Mosno Al-Moseeki, a Sudanese singer/songwriter, a gentle blend of East and West. Mixing Arab-Poetic lyrics with a touch of pentatonic acoustic guitar playing. A genre he calls “Desert Eclectic”.

Photo by: Johanna Grace / Edited by: Gela Ghaderi
He has shared the stage with many acclaimed artists, such as Grammy Nominated artist Mathew Santos, Rusted Root, International Jordanian artist Farah Siraj, and International Sudanese artist Waleed Abdulhameed.

"It’s not always easy to find a talented singer/musician who is also a gifted songwriter.  Al-Moseeki is the whole package and we are certain to hear more and more from him over the coming years"
- TWAS Online (Canada)

His song "No Kingdom" from his previous album "NOVELLA: A Love Letter To Culture Clash", is featured in the award winning indie film "Faisal Goes West" which was viewed in Film Festivals in London, France, Germany, and Sudan to name few.

In 2012 his website got banned in his homeland "Sudan" due to his song "System Down" which sang against the current regime there. He donates the proceeds of that song to GIRIFNA, a non-violent protest movement in Sudan.

His bi-lingual EP of moon themed love songs called "Selenophilia: Moon Songs", was inspired by Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” album. In this project Mosno is focusing on atmosphere and experimenting with "acoustic" & "produced" styles with these collection of poetic songs, including his first Arabic release "Kawakeb (Planets)".


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Praise From The Press

“Talent from another world. Most soulful & breathtaking music & voice I’ve heard in a long time.” 
-Wolfgang Senges/ (Germany)

"Novella'is an invigorating listen; the tunes are heavily influenced by Afro-Nubian pentatonic music and Arabic poetry. The rhythmical blend of storytelling, whimsical vocals and instrumental infusions make the album an exciting experience for the cultural traveler in all of us."
-500 Word Magazine (USA/Sudan)

"A folk-y sound scape steeped in tranquil rhythms, it's a fitting match for quasi-mystical lyrics touching on spirit guides and 'chakras of the heart'"
-John Lewis/ Baltimore Magazine (USA)

“He keeps his melodies clear and simple which allows him to flex the emotions of his voice and allows the listener to explore the depth and weight of his lyrics.”
-Jackson. M'Vunganyi/ Voice of America (USA)

"The influences of Mosno’s home country are clear in both lyric and rhythm, refreshingly meshed with sounds both Western and that which rises above culture and genre."
-Anywhere The Needle Drops Podcast (USA)