No Resolution for 2015

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you've had a safe and delightful transition into 2015, mine was awesome, I played a benefit concert to help raise money for The Vegan Living Program, the same program that helped me transition into my beautiful,  peaceful Vegan life style :)

One thing that happens every year is the whole Resolution thing, personally I'm not a fan of this, it has never worked, at least for me. You don't have to Change yourself every year, that is just exhausting,  and un-effective. I'd rather improve on what I already have, or even just make a minor adjustment, I found that to work much better.

A good way to do this is reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, and use that as a building block for this shiny new one. I'm proud of many things I've done in 2014, most notably is the release of my 3 year concept album "NOVELLA : a love letter to culture clash", getting it reviewed in Canada, Qatar, Baltimore, and even a Sudan/San Francisco blog. 

Also having a song in the award-winning indie film "Faisal Goes West" which opened up the very FIRST Independent film festival in Sudan's film history, and on a personal level becoming Vegan and doing the FAWM song-writing challenge for the first time.

So why would I willing want to "resolute" anything for the new year, instead I'm going to build on these great accomplishments I've already made. I will be more involved in the Vegan community,  and will do my best to use my love for technology and songwriting to bring forth more music to all my beloved supporters.

This is of course just my humble opinion and approach to the new year, if resolutions work for you, then by all means go for it. But if you've noticed a pattern of them not being so effective in the past, then I would recommend to not resolute, and simply enjoy the new year. Feel free to try something entirely different and let me know if that worked for you.
Look out 2015, here we come :)

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Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
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