The Mosnonauts

This is the exclusive club in which I will share many of my upcoming coming projects, early releases as well as goodies that will not be released to the public.
This also helps me keep the arts going, the more members we have in the club, the more art I would be able to produce to all you lovely members.

By unanimous fan votes, I welcome you to The Mosnonauts.
It will cost only $3/month, that's right. One price to rule them all. Because I love you all equally and want you all to be able to have access to all the material I will be creating (as well as the previous material I have created).

Become a member now, and lets start this journey.
Into the creative beyond, we go.
Mosno Al-Moseeki.

What's available now?
My full released discography
+ Mosnonauts Exclusives:

001- miniAlbum 2: LunaVerse [acoustic demos]
002- Live Recordings (an ever growing album as the year progresses)

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