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Songs of Selenophilia : Intro / Outro songs

The past few days Maurice Carroll  and I have been in the studio polishing up some of the tunes for my upcoming moon themed EP "Songs of Selenophilia". I am so excited you guys and gals, to me it feels like a mini Novella album with all the things we are doing. Today I'm going to talk about two songs, he song that starts the album "Sahara Moon", and the song that ends the album "Shortwave To The Moon". They are both similar yet different at the same time, and they both do their jobs beautifully. The intro song "Sahara Moon". I wanted this song to basically ease the listener into the album, to create a calm atmosphere and let them know they are about to go on a musical journey of some sorts. It generally starts with the sound of Desert Winds, and very gentle guitar and vocals, then slowly we introduce a little bit of trombone and piano, then BAM, beats galore to get you grooving in your seat. Its a great blend of Acoustic & Electronic

The Mosno Cast

A new year, a new sky for me to fly into. Coming in 2016 my own Podcast which I will use to interview local artists, talk about my projects, and even venture in my Techie/Geek side of things. I can't wait, hope you will tune in. More information to come very soon. --- Into the creative beyond we go. Love you lots, Mosno Mosnonauts  /  Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Facebook

Is The Age of Patronage Over?

That is honestly how I feel. I'm not writing this to complain, or to be pessimistic. On the contrary, I'm trying to be helpful. Being a patron to the arts is a great thing, if you can do it. But now in the last days 2015, I believe people have "Generosity Fatigue".   Kickstarter the crowdfunding platform started back in April of 2009, back then it was fresh and exciting, and people were enthusiastic in helping artists, bands, and gadgets come to life. The platform still exists, but since then a whole array of different platforms appeared as well, like Pledge Music, Indie GoGo & Go Fund Me.  Then in 2013 a new kind of platform appeared, popularized by a company called Patreon. In this platform, they  wanted to focus on "sustainable" income for the arts, which also worked when it started out. I found that it was more visual artists focused. Many of the artists either provided videos, or art work, but it is open for all arts.  Now Bandcamp announced

Mosnonauts : Post #2

A new EXCLUSIVE album for the Mosnonauts out for grabs! Enjoy :) Into the creative beyond we go. Love you lots Mosno


Dec/29/2015 If you sign up to my mailing list by 8pm, you will recieve the 1st draft of "Shortwave To The Moon" which I Pariscoped with Maurice earlier tonight. Go to the "Contact" page and sign up. Love you lots. Into the creative beyond we go. Mosno.