Is The Age of Patronage Over?

That is honestly how I feel.
I'm not writing this to complain, or to be pessimistic. On the contrary, I'm trying to be helpful.
Being a patron to the arts is a great thing, if you can do it. But now in the last days 2015, I believe people have "Generosity Fatigue".

  Kickstarter the crowdfunding platform started back in April of 2009, back then it was fresh and exciting, and people were enthusiastic in helping artists, bands, and gadgets come to life. The platform still exists, but since then a whole array of different platforms appeared as well, like Pledge Music, Indie GoGo & Go Fund Me.

 Then in 2013 a new kind of platform appeared, popularized by a company called Patreon. In this platform, they  wanted to focus on "sustainable" income for the arts, which also worked when it started out. I found that it was more visual artists focused. Many of the artists either provided videos, or art work, but it is open for all arts.

 Now Bandcamp announced their sustainable subscription service for their artist, which, in my opinion, works best for musicians and audio related projects such as podcasts ect.
But think about it, its been roughly around 6 years of artists asking people to help them financially on a massive digital scale, and I'm sure some (or many) are starting to get fatigued by it. Those people's inboxes are getting filled with requests from artists every week, and that has to be tiring.

As we are going into 2016, as an artist I have to ask..So what now?
I guess we will have to see.

Into the creative beyond we go.
Love you lots