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Mosnonauts : Post #1

The 1st Mosnonaut Exclusive Release. The full 7 song acoustic demo of the songs in the upcoming moon themed "miniAlbum 2: LunaVerse".  Including the lyrics to the songs, PLUS the translation of the original Arabic song "Kawakeb". They go very well with our lovely Autumn season. Get Them Here  <<< Thank you for your love. Into the creative unknown we go. Mosno Al-Moseeki Mosnonauts  /  Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Facebook

Bandcamp \\ vs // Patreon

As you may have heard, Bandcamp has recently launched a "Subscription" service for their artist and their supporters. The main idea is for fans/supports of an artist, would "Subscribe" to him/her. By doing so the supporter would pay a monthly charge to the artist through Bandcamp, and in return they get 1st dibs on new songs, and even exclusive material. The new music is automatically ready for streaming on your Bandcamp App, and you would even have the option to download it if you like. There is even an option to give Subscribers a discount on other merch, and you can of course make your whole back catalog available as well. Patreon has been doing a similar thing for a while now, but with Patreon its open for more than just music. Its for "Artists" in general. And I have to say, I do tend to find more Webcomic and Digital Artists using Patreon. I also see a lot of Video content creators on there as well, and some "Audio" artist. I'm sur