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Technology + Art : Tablets

Hello Readers, Mosno here, Tablets are great, I love them, they are convenient, light, and now a-days very powerful. There are many flavors, and many manufactures out there, so what I'm going to do is tell you about MY tablet, the one that I choose, because it fits what I need it to be. I have the Galaxy Note 8, and here is why I got it. -It's an Android OS (which I prefer over Apple OS). -It comes with an integrated stylus, which comes handy when I draw sketches for idea for album covers. -Its an 8inch tablet, so it's a perfect size for reading as well. But one of the main features I got it for, was for its native application called "S Note". I love this app, it allows you to create different types of notes, including ones which allow you to draw and audio record into the note. That feature is by far, my favorite feature. Because it allowed me to create a digital song journal. When I'm working on new songs, I can type lyrics, draw