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FAWM Post #2

Even thought it is "Post #2", its Day #6 in the FAWM Challenge. I'm happy to say that so far goatFISH has uploaded 2 new songs, "Open Divine" & "Walks With Angles". Check Them Out Here . They both ended up being full songs. And Sahffi and I have an idea of a couple of songs for our next meet up next week. For one of the upcoming songs, I wanted to start with a musical idea first, and even thought I ran into a bit of technical difficulty, I was still able to manage to get a draft of the musical aspect of the song. At this point, I only have an idea & a title for it "I am a mountain", I'm hoping that by the end of today I would have written something for it. I think I will venture into doing the "half song" idea I've been wanting to do. Since our last attempts have been full songs. Wish me luck. --- Into the creative beyond we go. Shukran for reading, Love you lots, Mosno Al-Moseeki [  ] Mos