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$3 to rule them all.

To be honest, I'm following my gut on this one. If you follow me on social media (links are below if you don't), then you know I'm constantly working on projects. My current one is a 7 song moon based album, and I already have a semi-completed "Autumn, Desert, & The Moon" poetry/music/art project that will follow that. I really love sharing these projects with everyone, and one way that many artist use is this site called Patreon . Which they would have different levels for different rewards. Supporters would agree to give "x-amount" per month or per content, and in return receive what ever art that level gets them. But here is the thing, I want ALL my supporters to be able to access ALL the content. I don't like the separation part of all this. SO, I've decided to still use Patreon, but I will have only ONE price on there: $3. Yup. One price to rule them all . I have the page set up for $3/month , not per content, that way you are on