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Producer \\ vs // Songwriter

As many of you know, I have been working on a little EP, which is developing into quite the musical project, and I love it. It started off with me wanted to create a tiny 3 song acoustic EP for me to use to market myself, and it is now developing into a thematic, artistic album, which I'm super excited about. There is one thing different though, I've decided to join forces with my friend and talented producer Maurice Carroll of Stinkiface Studios . Maurice and I have worked in the past on original songs, that are off the beaten path, they always come out amazing. Something happened this past week that has gotten the gears in my head turning, I have always played the role of Singer/Songwriter & Producer for my songs, I even produced a song for Sahffi Lynne 's " Exceptions " album called " Heart Strings ", so it was different for me to step back and let Maurice do his thing with my song "In This Place" from the Moon album I'm working o


Shukran My Totem [Official Music Video] Song: Shukran My Totem Album: NOVELLA : A Love Letter To Culture Clash Artist: Mosno Al-Moseeki Storyboard, production and direction by: Bentley Brown ( Aboudigin Films ) Co-production by Nathan Danskey

Music Video

You heard right. In 24 hours, I will be releasing my official music video for "Shurkan My Totem". Right Here!! I can't WAIT for you all to see it. --- -Mosno


I love it when I learn new words, my new favorite one is Selenophilia . You have no idea how excited I was to learn that this word existed! It basically means "A Love of the moon", which would make me a Selenophile "(n) a person who loves the moon". How freakin cool is that!!? Photo by: Johanna Grace / Edited by: Gela Ghaderi I have always had a healthy obsession with the moon, I never knew why, and I never questioned it. I've just always found comfort in sitting or standing, and stare at the moon. It always clams me down. In my desert culture, the Moon is used as a symbol of beauty many times, and as you may ha ve heard in many of my songs, I use the moon quite often in my writing. The cool thing is, I learned about this word, just as I had finished writing a new song called " Sahara Moon" , of course. So this new exciting discovery lead me down a moonlight rabbit hole, and now I'm working on a 5 song EP of love songs that are moon the