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Women! Who needs them?

For some reason, today I've come across a few things, first I see female poet Madiha Bahatti who performers a poem that bashes the current radio music scene, for all the degrading things that are being said to and about women. Next I came across an article talking about Domestic Violence against women, and how the most common answer men give is "She made me do it". The article was very much against the violence, thank God, but it got me thinking. In most of the 3rd world, where I grew up. I've noticed the trend of Women not being allowed to get educated, there for already limiting their progress. Followed by the society pounding your brain with the whole idea of their purpose is to be a Wife and Mother of children. Some cultures even go as far as saying "Women are less then Men mentally and religiously". Mentally, obviously because your denying them education, so that's a no brainier. Religiously is of course referring to the menstrual cycle, because