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E- Reading : FLEPia

For many of you who know me personally, you know I love my gadgets, and I've always been a big fan of portable gadgets specifically. One gadget that I had gotten back in 2007 was a Sony eReader, and since then I've just been in love with that idea. I know many argue that "nothing will compare to the feel and smell of a book", yes, and all that is understandable. But we have all been moving forward with almost every aspect of our lives, like living in houses or apartments instead of caves and tents. Using (hybrid) cars or bicycles to get to work instead of horses and camels, and I'm pretty sure a whole lot of us do understand that Global Warming is not a myth, and is actually a problem. We also understand that trees are our friends, seriously, trees are awesome. So why haven't we maid the "mental" switch to digital reading yet? As an artist, I do understand the romance of using out-dated or vintage things, to help us escape "the now". S

The FAWM EP : Post #1

Since e release of my concept album NOVELLA: A Love Letter To Culture Clash , and I have been on a creative wave, and I love it. I learned from my 3 year project on "NOVELLA", that I can actually focus my songwriting,  which I didn't know I could. Earlier this year I participated in a lovely creative songwriting friendly challenge called FAWM (February Album Writing Month). Its very simple, you have the 28 days of February, to write 14 new pieces.  They could be music, lyrics, or full songs. SO this year was my 1st year fully participating,  and it was awesome. I ended up writing a bunch of new songs,  some really good, some not so good (in my opinion), collaborated with an artist from Germany, and made some new friends. I learned that I can actually write half-songs, and move on to the next. Then I can go back and develop them into full songs, a new skill, sweet. Between March and May I mainly focused on getting NOVELLA reviewed and ready to be released. Now that it

Snack Attack

This is a poost to serve as an update, on this glorious Batman Day, I'm proud to announce that I am still rocking out the Vegan lifestyle. About 5 months now, woho. It does get progressively easier, maily because you start recognizing the Vegan friendly products and restaurants.  The adventure continues, and I'm learning more each day. Companies like "Nature Box" & "Vegan Cuts" do help in the snack department,  by sending delicious goodness to your door step, which is brilliant. I know there is a company out there that sends you produce to your door step as well, but I can't think of their name at the moment. One thing I need to remember, is to ALWAYS KEEP SNACKS. I'm finding this to be very important,  everyone of course suggests almonds,  which are great. But for a sweet tooth like my self, they can get boring real quick. My solution? Gala Apples & Pitted Dates. Why those specifically? Gala Apples, to me, are the perfect apples. They