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Cook With Music

As many of you know I'm a new Vegan, its been about 3+ months now, and I'm loving it. I still consider myself a "n00b" and I learn something new with every gathering I have with fellow vegans. Going into this experience I knew that I was going to learn to cook. Something I had not done well in the past, I must admit, the first few attempts were definitely a learning experience for me. But now I have a favorite dish which I make, its a cooked Kale with a Peanut Butter sauce that I make. The PB Sauce is a recipe similar to a Sudanese dish my mother used to me when I were lived back in Sudan, it gets better every time. Not everyone has that "spark" to cook, some flat out don't enjoy it. I cooked out of necessity when I needed, either I cooked a can of whatever, or I would be hungry that evening. So when I spoke with fellow Vegans before I joined the  Vegan Living Program , "cooking" was pretty much "Step 2", after deciding to be a veg

Space: A Philisophical Frontier

Space, has been living in my brain since I was about 9 years old, I'm talking about "Outer Space". Growing up in the 3rd world, an unfortunate common idea is "The Sky", quite literally, "the sky" is the limit. So you can imagine my shock when I learned about "Astronauts" when I arrived in the USA when I was about 9 years old. The "idea" that there is MORE then just "The Sky", blew my mind. Ever since then, I've had an infatuation with Outer Space. Unfortunately a short 3 years later I was sent back into the 3rd world, and by the time I returned, I had to focus on things like learning the educational system of the USA so that I can get a college degree, and of course work full-time to support myself getting that degree. I think if I had not been sent out the USA at age 12, I would probably have been an Astronaut. One of my dreams is to be the 1st Sudanese artist to perform at the International Space Station, and no

The Other Blogs Posts

I love to blog, and being a creative, vegan, musician, tech, space enthusiast kind of person, I tend to write quite frequently on a variety of topics. I had a couple of blogs that I would post to, but I really wanted ONE place to be able to write about ALL my topics, and I simply keep it super organized, to make it easy for my readers to find. I will not re-write my previous posts from my other blogs, I will just have links to them below if you wish to read the older posts. All the new posts, to all my blogs, will be on this one from now one, and I will use the the older blogs name, as the label for all future posts, because I can already tell, there are already a few projects which I want to blog about, so here we go: mosNOLOGY This is the blog in which I would write about tech & gadgets, as a musician / creative person, I tend to use all different kind of tech, and in this section I will be talking about that. older mosNOLOGY posts here Vegan Muses I'm a new Vegan, a