The Last Christmas Special :(

Hello everyone,
 Today's post is bitter sweet. Its bitter because this will be the last run of a lovely and beloved holiday tradition called "The Baltimore Christmas Special". Its sweet, because I have the great honor to be a part of it one more time. Thanks to co-creator Spencer Humm.

If you don't know about it, The Baltimore Christmas Special, previously known as "The Hack & Slash Christmas Special", is a yearly holiday event. This will be its 15th Year running, with no future plans for another one, unfortunately.  It is a live, comedy variety show. It is a family friendly event that features comedy sketches, some stand up, music performances, and so much more.

Some of the proceeds of the tickets went to helping build wells to provide clean water to villages, and people were encouraged to bring clothing and canned food to be donated to local shelters and food banks. So in a way, you are actually doing a good deed, by simply enjoying yourself.

Every year has a different theme, from Shakespear, to The Nut Cracker, to Dr. Who. This year's theme is "Home".
Every year I would learn and sometimes re-imagine a classic Christmas tune, this year is no different. I am sworn to secrecy from revealing the tune, so that it would be lovely surprise to the audience.
So if you REALLY want to know, come to the show.
There is even talk of us making a little music album with these versions for the world to enjoy.

This year we will have 5 performances, two of which are matinees, that way you can bring the whole family, and still be out with time to spare. You can find all the shows here.

Things you should know about The Christmas Special:
-It is family friendly, so your young ones are welcome.
-There WILL be something you will enjoy, because of the variety of talents.
-There is a break between the two acts.
-Its a LOT of fun.
-Everyone is encouraged to come in their favorite Pajamas (seriously).

The idea behind the show has always been to imagine yourself sitting around a TV enjoying a Christmas Variety show with something for everyone, so seriously come in your Pajamas, be comfortable, and enjoy this 4D Christmas Special experience.

As I mentioned, we have only 5 performances happening this year, so make sure you can come to at least one, or 3.

I miss you all, hope to see you at the show.
Tickets & Dates

Big hugs and lots of love