Come February, AWM.

I apologize for being incognito as the new year arrived, but I've been preparing for a few things, and of course working on LunaVerse some more. Progress is slow, but progress is good.

I'm excited to announce that this year I will be participating in FAWM once again, but it will be a little different. For those who don't know what FAWM (February Album Writing Month) is. It is a friendly songwriting challenge, that happens annually in February. The challenge is to write 14 new things in the 28 days of February. They could be 14 full songs, 14 instrumentals, 14 poems/lyrics to songs.

Last year I participated in a 3-part tri-lingual song with my talented friends Joe Scala, and Jon S. Patton, called "We Are Travelling/Compagnie Generale Aeropostale" and it was a lot of fun. Jon actually did a great detailed blog post about his process for that year called FAWM 2015 Retrospectical . Give a read when you have a chance.

THIS year, I will be joining forces with my music partner and BFF Sahffi Lynne, as we write new songs for our duo "goatFISH". We've been wanting to write some new tunes for this project, so this provides us with the great opportunity to do so. I'm in a very experimental mode duo to my work on LunaVerse, so I'm excited to see how that will translate into Sahffi and I will do for goatFISH.
Make sure to follow us on FAWM  @goatfish so you can hear the songs.

Only a few days now, and Day 1 of FAWM 2016 begins.
Can't wait.

Into the creative beyond we go.
Shukran for reading, Love you lots,
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