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Is The Age of Patronage Over?

That is honestly how I feel.
I'm not writing this to complain, or to be pessimistic. On the contrary, I'm trying to be helpful.
Being a patron to the arts is a great thing, if you can do it. But now in the last days 2015, I believe people have "Generosity Fatigue".

  Kickstarter the crowdfunding platform started back in April of 2009, back then it was fresh and exciting, and people were enthusiastic in helping artists, bands, and gadgets come to life. The platform still exists, but since then a whole array of different platforms appeared as well, like Pledge Music, Indie GoGo & Go Fund Me.

 Then in 2013 a new kind of platform appeared, popularized by a company called Patreon. In this platform, they  wanted to focus on "sustainable" income for the arts, which also worked when it started out. I found that it was more visual artists focused. Many of the artists either provided videos, or art work, but it is open for all arts.

 Now Bandcamp announced their sustainable subscription service for their artist, which, in my opinion, works best for musicians and audio related projects such as podcasts ect.
But think about it, its been roughly around 6 years of artists asking people to help them financially on a massive digital scale, and I'm sure some (or many) are starting to get fatigued by it. Those people's inboxes are getting filled with requests from artists every week, and that has to be tiring.

As we are going into 2016, as an artist I have to ask..So what now?
I guess we will have to see.

Into the creative beyond we go.
Love you lots

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I love it when I learn new words, my new favorite one is Selenophilia.
You have no idea how excited I was to learn that this word existed! It basically means "A Love of the moon", which would make me a Selenophile "(n) a person who loves the moon".
How freakin cool is that!!?

I have always had a healthy obsession with the moon, I never knew why, and I never questioned it. I've just always found comfort in sitting or standing, and stare at the moon. It always clams me down.
In my desert culture, the Moon is used as a symbol of beauty many times, and as you may ha
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The new music is automatically ready for streaming on your Bandcamp App, and you would even have the option to download it if you like. There is even an option to give Subscribers a discount on other merch, and you can of course make your whole back catalog available as well.

Patreon has been doing a similar thing for a while now, but with Patreon its open for more than just music. Its for "Artists" in general. And I have to say, I do tend to find more Webcomic and Digital Artists using Patreon. I also see a lot of Video content creators on there as well, and some "Audio" artist.

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Closer to the moon

Great News friends.
 I can officially say, that I have finished recording my "Songs of Selenophilia" album, woho. It took a while and I apologize, but a few things have come up on the way. I moved resting palces (but still in Baltimore area), I co-produced Janice B.'s latest album "Mantra" with Maurice of StinkyFace Music, I'm also learning some new Tech skills, like how to program in Python, and Web Development for a side project I'm working on.

Also I think I like this image to be used in some way for the album.
Its an photo taken of the Supermoon, from Baltimore, by my good friend Rob Hinkal of ilyAIMY , which I think appropriate since this moon album was created in Baltimore, it'll be a full circle type of thing.

Alright, I just wanted to share the good news with you all.
I'll be back soon with more updated.
Big hugs, and much love.

When you have a chance, go be creative today.