The Power of Music

I am blown away by this project,  it is brilliant, and it really does prove the POWER of music.
VolsWagon & Discovery channel joined forces and were a part of this project called Sharks ReScored.
Oh Man, you HAVE to check it out. They are using original music scores to actually help change the way you feel about Sharks. Like everything else on this planet, they are usually associated with not so nice things, but on top of that, the KIND of music that is played when ever they are on screen, actually helps evoke that emotion as well.

So what does Sharks ReScored do? They play you a normal scene from a shark documentary, as they are swimming around, being..well, Sharks.
When you move your mouse cursor to the left of the screen, you hear the typical sinister score you are accustom to, which makes you frightful of the scene. You move your cursor to the right, and you hear a much nicer score, and it TOTALLY changes the vibe of the video.

Music is SUCH a powerful tool, I feel humbled to be able to say "I'm a Musician", we artists truly do have a suggestive power. And this project not only has helped me see sharks differently, but confirmed to me the power music has.

When you have a moment go check it out, its really cool : Sharks ReScored

With Love,

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