Scare Yourself, I dare you.

You read that right, I'm daring you to Scare yourself. No I don't mean by watching a horror movie, and putting yourself in danger. I mean it in a creative way, it will be exhilarating.

This has happen to me twice thus far in the last couple of years, and I have totally grown from each time it has happened. The first time this happened was in the Summer of 2015, I got asked to play at a local festival called SOWEBO. At that point, I had always had a percussionist to perform with me, and I NEVER ask for a percussionist, unless I am able to pay them, this is purely out of respect for them and their time. So when I found out that this was a non-paying gig, I panicked a little, because I was not going to be able to pay someone to accompany me. To add fuel to this fire, I was not going to be on the "singer/songwriter" stage, I was placed on the Americana stage, right in between two full bands. I was shaking like a leaf, but I put my big boy pants on, got up there with my guitar and Batman t-shirt and gave a 300% performance. People loved it, bought CDs & Lyric Books, and I felt like I have "leveled up" as a performer, and people have noticed a change in my Solo performance since then.

Well, come Summer 2016, and a NEW experience came my way. I was asked by a local international artist Shodekae to perform at his EMBODY_Lab series, which happens only 4 times a year. Here is the kicker..its a vocals only series, meaning I could not bring my guitar, or drums. Holy Vegan Cheeseburgers Batman. I have NEVER performed a song, let alone a 3 song set, without my instruments. Needless to say, I was TERRIFIED, but oh man, do I want to do it again!

Luckily its a collaborative event, so I was able to ask many of the lovely artists in the room to join me on stage for vocal accompaniment, but I wanted to experience this beautiful fear first, so for my first song, I performed completely alone, and I tell you, its a totally different feel to sing like that.
Thank you to Shodekae, J Pope, QueenEarth, & Chuck The Madd Ox for joining me on this experience.
Below is the video of my experience, enjoy :)

With Love,
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