I love it when I learn new words, my new favorite one is Selenophilia.
You have no idea how excited I was to learn that this word existed! It basically means "A Love of the moon", which would make me a Selenophile "(n) a person who loves the moon".
How freakin cool is that!!?

Photo by: Johanna Grace / Edited by: Gela Ghaderi
I have always had a healthy obsession with the moon, I never knew why, and I never questioned it. I've just always found comfort in sitting or standing, and stare at the moon. It always clams me down.
In my desert culture, the Moon is used as a symbol of beauty many times, and as you may ha
ve heard in many of my songs, I use the moon quite often in my writing.

The cool thing is, I learned about this word, just as I had finished writing a new song called "Sahara Moon", of course. So this new exciting discovery lead me down a moonlight rabbit hole, and now I'm working on a 5 song EP of love songs that are moon themed.
Needless to say the word "Selenophilia" makes it into the lyrics of one of the songs.

I am super excited about it, I've always wanted to create an intimate, singer/songwriter style album. So after the full production experience I had with "Novella" (which you can listen to in the music page), I'm looking forward to doing something much much simpler. I have to admit, the atmosphere of the album was hugely inspired by Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" album, its so beautiful in its simplicity, and that's what I'm planning to re-create.

Another exciting thing about this EP is that I will be releasing my first ever original song in Arabic. I tell you, writing in Arabic is a different beast then writing in English. Especially with my astro-imagery heavy  style of songwriting. But its sounding good so far, I need to write one more moon tune and I'll have my 5 songs. I can't wait.

I'll write back soon.
Much Love

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