The Lovers vs The Looters

As many of you know by now, Baltimore is in an un-easy place. Due to the death of a young African-American (Freddie Gray), while in police custody, riots and looters have taken to the streets. The local police have joined forces with the National Guard. A curfew has been put into place (10pm - 5am), last night was the 1st night of its activation, it was intense.

But what the media doesn't show, are the peaceful, protesters who are also out there. I was having a conversation with my friends while checking up on them and I said "The Lovers need to be as loud as The Rioters".
That evening I get invited to the "I Am Love - Baltimore march".
How can I refuse.

The gathering will be at 4:30pm
The corner of Charles St. & Northern Ave.
At the Ynot Lot.

I will be going out to the Love March this afternoon, will take my phone with me, and post videos both to my YouTube and to my Instagram in hopes to show the Peaceful side of these protests.
I couldn't be in Sudan for the #SudanRevolts but I can be here for #IAmLove in Baltimore.

"I Am Love Baltimore" Playlist from my channel, which I will be updating in real time.

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Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
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