Musicians are as important as Car Mechanics

By no means am I a car guy, I can't tell you the year of a car by listening to it drive down the road, heck I don't even know how many horse power my current car is, but I do find my self watching a LOT of car programs, and they actually inspire me. My Mosno brain works in mysterious ways, and I love it that way.

Here is what I notice at these car programs:
These mechanics, absolutely LOVE cars. I love it when they take an old non-functioning car, and get to work on it and fix it up and make it alive again, it really puts a big smile on my face, and I'm sure it brightens their day as well. These guys and gals are artists in their own right, it truly does take talent to do what they do.
So I got to thinking...
The mechanics get paid for doing something they truly love, they are happy, the customer is happy, and good karma all around. So why is this not happening more often in music and the arts?

Then it hit me,
People would probably say "Well paying a mechanic to fix my car is productive, I'm getting back a vehicle which will help me get to work, and go see friends & loved ones". People are seeing the value in paying the "mechanical" artist, but are they seeing the value in paying the "other" artist? and that is the problem.

We have established two things, Mechanics are Artists, and there is a Value in their returned product.
How does this apply to artists in general? or more accurately, how can we shed light ON how it applies to artists in general? because it already does exist.
Lets Think about it together:

-Have you ever had a very long day, that your mind was just over-stimulated by errands, or phone calls, co-workers, or whatever that occupies your life, and you get home and just want to relax? What do people generally do? They would find a quite space, pour a cup of their favorite drink, put on some slow music, and just soak up the calmness.

-Have you ever had a day where you got the BEST news ever? (I know I have), and you just wanted to share that news with the WORLD, you get in the car, and your driving with the biggest smile on your face? I bet you anything, you had music playing louder than any time of that week on that neat drive.

-Have suddenly all the sappy love songs just made SENSE!? M-hmm that usually means your pretty little heart is probably in love.

Those are just simple examples I can think of out of the top of my head, and it made me realize that YOU and your mood (are the car), and we the artists (are the mechanics) that help adjust you when you need us. From calming you down from busy day, to helping you solidify your emotions.

What good is car if it isn't functional? Same thing applies to you, What good are you if you are not functional?. Next time you notice you're in a good mood, I guarantee you that you actually accomplished things that day and vice versa, and music can and DOES help get you in a good mood.

I have yet to see anyone that goes to the gym, without having a playlist of songs to help motivate them to get through their work out. Almost every couple has "their song" that many times ends up being played at their wedding.

You see, there IS value in the arts, and it impacts you DIRECTLY, and often. I personally believe that the connection between you and the artist is very intimate because of this.

So next time you think that musicians or artist aren't providing a valuable service to human kind, I would urge you to re-think that. And I would recommend taking a deep breath, and listening to your favorite musician, it would greatly change that mood for you :)

With Love,
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