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Not Blogging? Create A New Project (How My Abstract Mosno Brain Works)

It has dawned on me a few moments ago that I have not blogged in quit sometime, because I have not put it in my calendar to do so, and I thought to myself "Why haven't I put it on my calendar?", and it hit me. Projects.

Yup, I tend to do more blogging when I'm working on creative projects, which makes sense. I of course did a LOT of blogging when I was working on "NOVELLA", and I loved every bit of it.
A while back I was posting about The FAWM EP (now called Enchanting Paramnesia), which is still happening with the talented Joe Scala who just finished his 3rd FAWM challenge, way to go dude.

Earlier today I was reading this awesome post by my other talented friend Jon Patton of Midway Fair, it chronicles the process he took to writing the freshly released to bandcamp album "No Fortunes". He wrote, recorded, & produced the entire 14 track album in the 28 days of February. So yea, my friends are kind of Bad-Ass when it comes to creativity.
So this has sparked my creative spirits, and they are now impatient, just like me.

It is no secret I have an on-going love affair with some peculiar things, which are my biggest inspirations for my songwriting, they are "Autumn, Desert, & The Moon" (AD&M).
Earlier this year, I wrote an epic love poem, 777 words about those lovely three. I have not actually publicized the poem, but a few of my dear friends did get to read the finished poem, and I've gotten nothing but lovely feedback about it.

NOW, there are two more phases that I need to do, to feel complete with this mission.
Compose music for each one of the 3 sections of the poem
Have artwork done for said 3 sections.
I've already spoken with my lovely talented Iranian artist Gela, who is excited and agreed to do the artwork for this poem.

Which leaves (hehehe leaves) the composition part, and this is where my creativity will happen.
For you see, I have also been wanting to use more guitar effects, and atmospheric sounds, but I have been looking at it the wrong way. Since I'm a performing artist, almost everything comes down to "How the hell will I perform this live??"
Well, I don't think AD&M is supposed to be performed live, its more of an audio/image/poetry project, so with that decision in mind, it actually got me more excited about being experimental with my music making, which means...more blogging, yay.

And THAT ladies and gentleman is how my abstract Mosno brain works.
Its starts off with a simple "Hey, why aren't you blogging?" and ends with "Let me turn this epic love poem into a full blown art project, so that I can have something to blog about".

Needless to say, I would very much love your support to help make this project happen, you can do this by becoming a Zoo Keeper of goatFISH (because we are working on a new album as well), and you will get the goodies that are already waiting for you, plus the new goodies that are on the way.

Be safe, and embrace the awesome.

- - - - - 
Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
Mosno Al-Moseeki |
Become a goatFISH Zoo Keeper

Twitter: @mosno_music
Listen to "NOVELLA" for free at my site:

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When you have a chance, go be creative today.