Killing the Stigma

Maybe I should move to Florence, they seem to like art..a lot. As you know, one of the big topics in the art world is getting patrons, to help keep the arts alive. So I wanted to do a little digging on the topic, which I think would be beneficial to both Art Creators & Art Lovers.

So lets start of by the definition of "Patronage": via WikiPedia 
"Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors".

Alright, that is simple enough to understand, we've seen these types of acts on "project-based" modles, such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Pledge Music, in which you support a specific project, that is considered patronage, or "a Sponsor" of said project.

Notability & Credibility : via A Brief History of Patronage
Galileo (an academic) & Michelangelo (an artist) were both sponsored by patrons, the Grand Duke of Florence & Pope Julius II respectively. Basically, the higher the profile of your Patron/Sponsor, the more credible you become.

Now a days, it seems that there are Grants & Scholarships, but only if you prove that you are already a credible artist/scholar, but in our era, many of us are scrambling and aren't able to "prove" our credibility, because of scrambling, and therefore may not be seen as valuable and the cycle continues, which leads me to my next point.

The Value of Art : via Khan Academy
Museums would often have works by famous artist, and they would be valuable simply because it was by said artist. But how did that artist get to that status? Mostly due to the great works they did, via being commissioned by patrons, which would in turn pay for the supply and time it would need to accomplish said art.

Now if you think Patronage is only reserved for Leonardo Da Vinci & Shakespeare, then you are dead wrong. Pepsi paid $50 Million dollars to patron the one and only Beyonce, yup. Don't believe me? read for yourself.

Lets Kill The Stigma of Patronage
To the Art Lover,
I've had many conversation with lovely people, who have constantly complained to me about how they don't like listening to the radio anymore, to how they would rather hear real artist with real messages that they can connect with. Most of you Art Lovers are as frustrated as us artist, you want to hear us, and we want to be heard. Well, in our super digital world you have the power to make that happen. Not only that, you can connect with us directly, and even influence or commission particular work.

To the Art Creators,
We need to not be afraid to ASK for help, I know its tough, and I know that there is a stigma that makes it seem like we are "begging" for money, but we are not. We are providing a service, I would even dare say a Public Service. Art defines cultures, Art unites people, Art breaths life into life. That's why people would pay hundreds to see their favorite band perform, or buy a book series by their favorite author, and own a picture or gallery of their favorite painter.
I am guilty of this, I too need to learn to ask, better yet not be afraid to ask. so lets do this together.

I have to confess, I'm currently reading "The Art of Asking" by the fierce Amanda Palmer. One of the bravest indie artist of this generation in my opinion. One of her theories is that Art should be free for everyone to enjoy and experience, so she actually posts all her music up for free downloads, and she has supporters/fans/patrons who willingly support her efforts on her Patreon page, so that she can continue to create and provide art for free to the public.

Her embracing of this "Art Free for All" method, has given me the courage to start my own Patreon Page, and her book (as well as this brief above research I did) is encouraging me to realize that I AM providing something important, I have more to give, and I do want to leave a mark on this planet via my art.

Creating art is not an easy task, you need time, resources, & focus to create something truly wonderful and meaningful. But we can't focus if we don't have the time or the resources.

Be our Grand Duke!
Become a Patron to an artist, or sponsor a scientist if that's more your thing.
I hope this was helpful.

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Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
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