Restricting Creativity

As indie artist we value the freedom, its one of the greatest aspects of this lifestyle.  We express our self any way we want, because its what we do.
The possibilities are endless, and THAT can be a problem. I suffer from this issue, having too many options is just frustrating and problematic. I don't need to be distracted (or confused) more than I already am, with all the possibilities of creativity.

When I was recording my 1st EP "The Un-Genre", there were SO many production ideas I had for the songs, almost too many. So I decided to set some restrictive rules for my recording process. My rule was "No more than 3 instruments per song", that helped me immensely, and the album got recorded and pressed in about 6 months tops.

When writing "NOVELLA", the restriction was more muse based. I had a specific story to tell, so I restricted my song writing based on which section of the story I was telling, and would narrow it down more and more until I have what I want. I didn't do the "3 instrument" rule, BUT I did have specific instruments that I wanted in specific songs. For example, the song "Shukran My Totem", I specifically wanted Oud & Cello, to represent East & West since that is what that song symbolized,  and then I would build around it. In the song "Lucid" I wanted to give that water flow movement so we had a "Harp", and built the atmosphere around that, and so on.

I have found that by restricting myself in some way, allows me to actually be a better creator,  because you end up using things and material in a different way then you normally would, with some great results.

What do you think? have you tried this yourself? did it work or not work?
Let me know in the comments below 
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Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
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