Patience or Stupidity?

I have, and still do, struggle with this question. "Am I patient, or stupid?", because I have to be one of the two, I don't see a third option here.
Many articles have come up recently on the internet talking about the "Middle Class" musician, and how (in some articles) they are failing, and in other articles, they are doing well.

In the "failing" articles, the bands aren't making much if any profit, but they are at least touring, some even on a national level. In the "doing well" articles, artists are making a living, strictly out of their music endeavors, I'm talking in the thousands of dollars.

As an indie, unsigned artist, I tend pay close attention to these artist, and try to learn from what they are doing, to better improve my musical career choice. The problem is, I am doing most of what they are doing, yet I'm not receiving the same response.

I applied to sites like Music Bed who specialize in having "music from indie artist" to license to films and documentaries...and they rejected me, even though I fit the criteria, and my music HAS been used in an award-winning indie film ALREADY called Faisal Goes West.

I would find small labels who have acoustic artist such as my self, write and apply to them..and they reject me.
I would find booking agencies who have artists from Baltimore, AND Sudanese artists, this would surely work, I fit TWO of their type of artist...Nothing! Even thought I have opened up for bands like "Carbon Leaf", "Rusted Root", Grammy nominated artist "Mathew Santos", and later this month I will be opening up international Jordanian artist Farah Siraj, so what the hell is the problem?

I don't get it, I really don't, and that's when the whole "Am I patient or stupid?" question starts to haunt me, because I must be insane to keep thinking that something is going to happen, right!?

But I can't give up, I just can't. Even among all these rejects, I have had some success. I have legendary Sudanese artists who have commented on my work positively, I've had two of my releases reviewed positively here in Baltimore Magazine, I've been interviewed on BBC Arabic for my work, via email for the Sudanese/American blog 500 Word Mag, got a flattering reviewed on the Canadian e-zine TWAS, did phone interviews with several indie podcasts including Anywhere The Needle Drops, almost got nominated for a Grammy, so am I really stupid for dusting myself off and moving on?

This year I'm joining forces with my musical partner Sahffi Lynne, as we use our duo goatFISH as our catalyst to propel us both forward.
Its obvious that our artistic style of music isn't for everyone (clearly!), and we have many amazing supporters who love us both, so we decided to combine our collective pool of supporters and give them all what they want, more Sahffi & Mosno artistic music.

We created a goatFISH page on Patreon, which would allow those of you who love what we do to help us keep providing you with more music. By doing a goatFISH page, instead of in individual Sahffi & Mosno page, then our lovely supporters, whom we call our "Zoo Keepers", will be getting thrice the artistic value. They will get the new goatFISH music we are working on together, as well as Mosno & Sahffi music, its a 3 for 1 kind of a deal.

Patrons have always been a HUGE part of music history, but no one actually realizes that. Most of the great classic composers and artists whom you love and cherish had patrons. People WANT to be part of art, and we want to create art, so why not work together and make it happen.

For the month of February, I will be releasing a video every Wednesday doing a "One Take" of a song, I will do 3 originals and 1 cover, the audio version of these songs will be put together as a "One Take Sessions : February" collection, and provided to our Zoo Keepers.

For the moment, I'm putting my money on "Patience", what would you put your money on?
Have a lovely February

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Shukran, Thank You & Much Love.
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