The Theory of Winter

Ask almost any creative person, and they will tell you that Spring is the season they do most of their art work. The weather is beautiful, the birds are singing, vibrant colors every where, it makes a lot of sense. Which is probably why Spring doesn't really affect me that much, at least creative wise.

I have spoken in the past several times how Autumn is my ultimate favorite season, I even have a hashtag with my fellow Autumn lovers, any time we find or do something Autumn related we follow it by #TeamAutumn.
This year I wrote an epic love poem to the season called "Autumn, Desert, and The Moon", wrote a song called "Waltz of Leaves", and co-wrote another song called "Wild Autumn" with my awesome duo goatFISH, which is myself and my music partner Sahffi Lynne. Plus you can find references to the season in many of my previous songs.

Winter is the season I looked forward to the LEAST, its cold, wet and icky outside most of the time and is just the opposite of my Desert nature. BUT, I've actually learned to love it. I noticed that I do a sizeable portion of my songwriting in Winter. Maybe its the solitude of the atmosphere,  or the fact that I end up spending most of my time in doors,  what ever it is, it works.

Last year I did the FAWM songwriting challenge,  which is in Winter, and I ended up writing a bunch of songs. I generally focused on the gloomy-ness of the weather, so naturally not all the songs were happy.
Yet the more I think about, the more I realize, that Winter is actually one of the happiest seasons. You get Christmas, followed by the New Year, followed by Valentines Day. All joyfull, happy celebrations.
Snowy Cabin Winter

With this new perspective, I will do my best to conjure up happy creativity for this Winter. I will of course attempt a song, but I will go beyond that, I shall also do a poem, and one of my Doodles or two.

I shall take my own advice which I give my friends often, that is "Embrace The Awesome", and I hope you do too.
Let me know what happy thing you plan to conjure up this winter, and if there is anything you want me to talk about, feel free to let me know in the comments below :)

Much Love

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