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This vlog is a bit different from my past vlogs, not in format, but in how it was made.
I wanted to document behind the scenes of the first day of shooting for my upcoming music video "Shukran My Totem", which is directed by award-winning Bentley Brown of "Faisal Goes West" fame.

My one thousand year old Flip camera is starting to act up, and I honestly didnt want to lung around with me a larger camera which has recently came into my possession,  plus I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet so I'm not comfortable with it yet.
Enter Tablet, I use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet.

My tablet is with me most of the time when I'm out, I use it to write down ideas for project, for doodling, checking email, the works. Since it has both a front and back facing camera, it would be perfect for vlogging. So I used it to take all the video for the vlog.

When I got home, I wanted to simply download the videos into my PC and edit them like I normally would. But then I changed my mind, the GN8 is creative box of tools, and I have not been using it to its maximum potential,  so I decided to edit and upload the video FROM the tablet it slef, and it worked like a charm.

My only complaint is the "text" feature, in the "Video Edit" software that comes builtin,  doesn't allow me to manipulate the "when" or "how long" the text would appear. Basically what ever  segment your working on, if you decide to add text, it will appear for the duration of that whole segment. Also I cant change the size or the font.

But keepnin mind, this is a tablet, we have been spoiled rotten by faster and smaller technologies that the simplest thing like not being able to adjust text, makes you go irritated.  So I try to remind my self that the bigger picture here is that I just shot, edited, labeled,  and uploaded a full vlog, all from this one tablet. When I the past I would have to use a camera (with limited storage and separate battery) to shoot, then wait to get home to upload it to a PC to be able to edit it and post it on the web.

I'm still learning, so maybe there is something in the App that I'm not familiar with, or there could be another Editing App out there that I need to find.
All in all, this was a great experience,  and this will probably end ip being my vlogging method of choice.

Here is the vlog, enjoy
Shukran, Thank You, & Much Love
Mosno Al-Moseeki

Making of : Shukran My Totem music video (Day #1)

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When you have a chance, go be creative today.