The FAWM EP : Post #2

Today was so awesome, thank you again to the super creative Joe Scala to bring out some very interesting side of my music, I'm telling you, he's a freaking genius.
We worked on two songs today "In This Ritual" & "Awake Your Observer", and he decided that we approach them differently, which was a great decision. Here is what happened.

"In This Ritual".
This has a more meditative vibe to it, so we approached it in a similar manner. I woke up at 6:48am, with first light, simply brushed my teeth, had some water at room temperature, no vocal warm up or talking or singing of any kind. I drove over to Joe's place with my electric guitar and my tar drum.
He had things set up for recording, we laid down the first guitar track, then I SANG the whole song, with my raspy morning voice at one take.
It was very interesting, then we added more layers to the song, including acoustic guitar, hand drums, claps, and then I re did the vocals again for the whole song after I had warmed up, and had some tea :). I then translated a part of it in Arabic, and actually did a reading on top of the music for one section.
All these layers are so unique, and we had a blast putting them together.
After we made sure we had all that we needed, we took a break and went out to lunch.

"Awake Your Observer"
Was the complete opposite approach of the song before, it had a simpler chord progression, so Joe hears me practicing the song real quick and says to me "Hey Mos, how about I play the guitar, you focus on singing and playing your hand drum, and we'll do it in one take".
So that's exactly what we did, since I was using my Tablet for the lyrics, I used my phone to video us recording the song, which I will place at the end of this post.

So we now have only one more song to record and this FAWM EP would be done, we already know what the song is, and we are throwing ideas of how to approach it, also we still haven't thought of a cool name for the EP yet :)

I hope your Sunday has been as fun as mine.
I'll blog you later.
Much Love
Mosno Al-Moseeki

"Awake Your Observer" Mosno ft Joe Scala. 1 Take.

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