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Women! Who needs them?

For some reason, today I've come across a few things, first I see female poet Madiha Bahatti who performers a poem that bashes the current radio music scene, for all the degrading things that are being said to and about women.
Next I came across an article talking about Domestic Violence against women, and how the most common answer men give is "She made me do it". The article was very much against the violence, thank God, but it got me thinking.

In most of the 3rd world, where I grew up. I've noticed the trend of Women not being allowed to get educated, there for already limiting their progress. Followed by the society pounding your brain with the whole idea of their purpose is to be a Wife and Mother of children. Some cultures even go as far as saying "Women are less then Men mentally and religiously". Mentally, obviously because your denying them education, so that's a no brainier. Religiously is of course referring to the menstrual cycle, because during that time, Women are not allowed to Pray, Fast, or even Touch the Quran.

I have problems with this, and I'm pretty sure some people are going to hate me for saying what I'm about to say, well, too bad.

Women, don't have control over the biological aspects of their body. I'm told that God is great and fair.
Well then...if God is fair, why would we make a woman "less than a man" over something that she does not have control over?
Which leads me to think that either God isn't fair ... OR ... this is a Man made rule.

One thing people seem to forget is that the Quran was put together probably 35+ years AFTER the Prophet's death. So its safe to say that the Prophet didn't actually SEE what was written in the book, and approved of it. Something to think about.

On a science-ish note
It is a fact,
that a Woman's brain grows faster than a male's brain.

It is a fact,
that a Woman's body has the ability to sustain and give birth to another human being.

It is a fact,
that when we are conceived, we start as females and then the male-Chromosome comes in later
(why do you think men have nipples, seriously)

It is also know that .."Hell knows no fury like a woman scorn", which means, if they really wanted to..they can totally kick our ass, no sweat.

I have a theory, I think that some men a long long time ago, discovered all of this and thought "Oh Shit!" and started poising society with all these "Man Strong! Man Boss!" propaganda. I think it only worked because maybe there were more Men at that time then women, I don't know I'm not a historian.

But its 2014, and these old ways need to stop. We live in a world now where you can use a device on your hand to communicate with other people across the freakin planet.
If we as a species can figure out how to build and put people in the International Space Station, we sure as hell can stop acting like Mid-Evil idiots.

The way women get treated, in almost every culture, it feels to me like most men are thinking "Ppfffft! Women. Who needs them?". I hate to break it to you fellas, but WE do. We need them more than you know.

I'll blog you later

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