The FAWM EP : Post #1

Since e release of my concept album NOVELLA: A Love Letter To Culture Clash, and I have been on a creative wave, and I love it. I learned from my 3 year project on "NOVELLA", that I can actually focus my songwriting,  which I didn't know I could.

Earlier this year I participated in a lovely creative songwriting friendly challenge called FAWM (February Album Writing Month). Its very simple, you have the 28 days of February, to write 14 new pieces.  They could be music, lyrics, or full songs. SO this year was my 1st year fully participating,  and it was awesome.

I ended up writing a bunch of new songs,  some really good, some not so good (in my opinion), collaborated with an artist from Germany, and made some new friends. I learned that I can actually write half-songs, and move on to the next. Then I can go back and develop them into full songs, a new skill, sweet.

Between March and May I mainly focused on getting NOVELLA reviewed and ready to be released. Now that it is, all this compressed creative energy is bursting out with a vengeance.

Enter Joseph Scala.
Joe is a dear friend of mine, and a super talented singer/songwriter,  and indie producer.  I actually heard of FAWM because of him, we had worked on a song called "Fall Into The Moon" for his FAWM challenge a year or so ago, and I was hooked on that idea since.

Joe has a very unique style of "sound", not just composition wise, but when recording his songs. He hears things other people don't,  which is why I love working with him.
He actually re-arranged and sang the role of "The Bard" in the NOVELLA album, and EVERYONE notices his unique style.

So what Joe and I have decided is to take 4 songs from my FAWM challenge and create an EP. We met last week and started the process, which is different from my normal process of recording. The reason I want to work with Joe (aside from him being an awesome human) is that I want to experiment with my sound a little.
I've established the "Deserty" sounds already,  and want to see/hear how others would imagine my voice.
I'm giving Joe full control of the Producer chair, and so far I'm really enjoying the ride.

I can't wait to share some of this music with you.
I will make sure to update you all on the progress of The EP, we are going through some name ideas as well.

I'll blog you later.
Shukran, Thank You, and Much Love

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