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E- Reading : FLEPia

For many of you who know me personally, you know I love my gadgets, and I've always been a big fan of portable gadgets specifically. One gadget that I had gotten back in 2007 was a Sony eReader, and since then I've just been in love with that idea.

I know many argue that "nothing will compare to the feel and smell of a book", yes, and all that is understandable. But we have all been moving forward with almost every aspect of our lives, like living in houses or apartments instead of caves and tents. Using (hybrid) cars or bicycles to get to work instead of horses and camels, and I'm pretty sure a whole lot of us do understand that Global Warming is not a myth, and is actually a problem. We also understand that trees are our friends, seriously, trees are awesome.
So why haven't we maid the "mental" switch to digital reading yet?

As an artist, I do understand the romance of using out-dated or vintage things, to help us escape "the now". So I'm willing to make a compromise. You ready? Here it is.
We'll leave the Books alone, ok. But how about Magazines and Newspapers? lets update that whole thing.
The first thing people will say is "but Mos, Magazine are so colorful, with pictures and stuff. E-Readers are just black text on white background". Well if that is your only concern..then I have just the thing.

The FLEPia from Fujitsu, this is a 9 inch flat surface of colored touch screen goodness. It would be perfect for both Magazine's and Newspapers, primarily due to its large size. I think its pretty cool, and I'm hoping the concept catches on.

And this is only if you don't already have a large tablet, apps like "Flipboard" give you the whole colored magazine experience with ease on your Android or iPhone device. I use it on my Galaxy Note 8, and I use "Kobo" for books.

These devices are being created not only to help us get information faster, but they are also helpful to our lovely planet. We only have one Earth (right now). I am aware that other Earth-Like Exo-planets have been discovered...but until we figure out how we can warm-hole our way to them..I suggest you give E-Reading a try.

I actually started reading more once I got my Galaxy Note 8, because I could start several books at one time, and have them all with me in my bag any where I go.

I hope this was helpful.
I'll blog you later

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I'll be back soon with more updated.
Big hugs, and much love.

When you have a chance, go be creative today.