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I love to blog, and being a creative, vegan, musician, tech, space enthusiast kind of person, I tend to write quite frequently on a variety of topics. I had a couple of blogs that I would post to, but I really wanted ONE place to be able to write about ALL my topics, and I simply keep it super organized, to make it easy for my readers to find.

I will not re-write my previous posts from my other blogs, I will just have links to them below if you wish to read the older posts. All the new posts, to all my blogs, will be on this one from now one, and I will use the the older blogs name, as the label for all future posts, because I can already tell, there are already a few projects which I want to blog about, so here we go:

This is the blog in which I would write about tech & gadgets, as a musician / creative person, I tend to use all different kind of tech, and in this section I will be talking about that.
older mosNOLOGY posts here

Vegan Muses
I'm a new Vegan, and I have decided to document my adventure as a musician turning vegan, its been a great adventure, and I will continue to write about that aspect of life.
older Vegan Musez posts here

Earthman Effect
I'm a HUGE Space enthusiast, I enjoy reading and discovering new things about this vast universe we live in, and I've recently been sucked into the beautiful world of "The Overview Effect", and it is sparking some ideas in which I will talk about in this section

That is just that, sometimes I just have random thoughts, or point of views about general topics, and I figured that if it doesn't fit into the other 3 specific categories, then it would go here.

As the blog progresses, I might end up adding more sections, who knows, but for now, these are the things occupying my mind.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.
Much Love

Mosno Al-Moseeki

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