Technology + Art : Organization via Evernote

Hello Readers, Mosno here,
Organizing thoughts and projects is a big deal, even thought us artist just want to..well, art.
But there are ways to help keep you on track, one of my favorite and mostly used organizational tool is Evernote.

I like it for 3 reasons:
1- Easy way to organize your projects.
2- Many ways to access all those notes and idea.
3- Its completely free.

Lets visit those topics, shall we.

#1 Easy Way to Organize.
In Evernote you have 3 levels or categories: Stacks, Notebooks, & Notes.
This is actually great, I will use my own projects as an example.

I want to create a series of thematic mini albums. I have an idea for 3 albums, each album will have 4-7 songs.

So this is how I've set things up:
-I created a "Stack" called "Mini Albums".
-In that Stack, I created 3 "Notebooks" for each album (Album 1, Album 2, Album 3).
-In each of those Album Notebooks, I have different "notes" related to that particular album. That could include everything from song ideas, to lyrics, to track listings.

So if I want to know what order the songs will be in my LunaVerse mini album. I go to:
Mini Albums (stack) / LunaVerse (Notebook) / Track Listing (note)
You can create all sorts of different notes, including check lists, so it's very versatile.

#2 Many Ways to Access your Notes.
You have 3 ways of accessing your notes:
Way 1- You can download the app to your desktop to work on your notes and create new ones at anytime, then you can sync it when you have access to the internet.

Way 2- You can access all of your (synced) notes via the Evernote website, as long as you use the same log in account.

Way 3- And/Or you can install the Evernote app on your mobile devices, it works on Android, Apple, & BlackBerry. This is perfect for inspiration on the go.

Once you create/edit a note from either one of these, make sure that you click the sync icon, that way you can access the updated version of your note from any of the other methods.

Keep in mind they have added a drawing/free hands feature, but I haven't used it honestly, so I can't say much about that.

#3 Completely Free.
I believe that is pretty self explanatory.

As an artist, and a proud tech geek, I love finding ways to use technology to help me and fellow artists with our art, and from personal experience, Evernote has been absolutely amazing.

Those are my two virtual cents.
I hope this post was helpful

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