VR : The Future is This Fall.

My crazy Mosno brain is hyperactive with happiness right now.
Even those these new tech/entertainment news are "unrelated", I'm making some crazy connections between them.

Playstation has announced that they will be releasing their PS VR System this Fall, this is HUGE. There aren't many (if any) Virtual Reality systems that are accessible to the main public at the moment. So for SONY to be releasing such a system for you to have in your home, is AMAZING.

One of my favorite novels "Ready Player One" is officially being turned into a movie, this is an awesome adventure story, set in a not so far future, full of 80's references. Its a page turner, lots of fun, and is VERY awesome.

Now your wondering "how are these two related"? Well. In the "Ready Player One" book, everyone has a Virtual Reality System (VR). That's where they log in to go School, to go to Work, pretty much almost ANYTHING. And of course move of the adventure happens in that Virtual world, which is called "OASIS".
If SONY is putting VR Systems in the hands of the world now (in 2016), that could mean that by 2019, many if not most people, may end up having one in their home.
ALSO, you currently can use your Playstation to stream content, and I'm pretty sure, they will find a way to translate that into your VR system shortly after the PS VR is released (that is if it doesn't do that already).
Can you IMAGINE if they do the movie release of "Ready Player One" which is based in a VR world, THROUGH the PS VR system? Whole Vegan Cheeseburgers Batman, that would be INSAINE.

Even better, what if SONY develops "OASIS", a very easy way is for them to buy "Second Life", and convert that. Oh man, that would be so freaking epic.

Its silly, but I'm a huge fan of dystopian sci-fi films and stories, and to watch this whole thing slowly unravel before my eyes is pretty amazing. I know that you can already get some VR sets via SAMSUNG, which are pretty cool, and great way to baby-step your way into that arena, but this PS VR system is going to be a game changer, and I REALLY hope they do some of "Ready Player One" release.
I'm saying this now, if SONY doesn't create "OASIS" Google will, so they better hop to it before its too late. Google has already created Deep Mind *cough* Skynet *cough*, so the future is ENDLESS.

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