Mad March

So many complaints this year, and its only MARCH. Good god people!
Apparently the new #Ghostbusters movie is getting complaints, holy moly.

I saw the trailer, and I have to say the only complaint I have is how they choose to portray the African-American Lady, she's very stereotypical. Not sure what the point of that was.

In the Original film, Winston Zeddemore was not the "token black guy", in fact he was more of a Technical Writer, he would translate the technical scientific speak into understandable terms for thegeneral public. Which would mean that he had to have some kind of Scientific background...sooo why didn't they just do the same here?

Personally a movie about 4 smart women fighting ghosts is very Sexy, but hey, That's Just me I guess!!
Be well out there, and just love each other, ok!?
Shukran, Thank you

Into the creative beyond we go.
Shukran for reading, Love you lots,
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