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The Lovers vs The Looters

As many of you know by now, Baltimore is in an un-easy place. Due to the death of a young African-American (Freddie Gray), while in police custody, riots and looters have taken to the streets. The local police have joined forces with the National Guard. A curfew has been put into place (10pm - 5am), last night was the 1st night of its activation, it was intense. But what the media doesn't show, are the peaceful, protesters who are also out there. I was having a conversation with my friends while checking up on them and I said "The Lovers need to be as loud as The Rioters". That evening I get invited to the " I Am Love - Baltimore march ". How can I refuse. The gathering will be at 4:30pm The corner of Charles St. & Northern Ave. At the Ynot Lot. I will be going out to the Love March this afternoon, will take my phone with me, and post videos both to my YouTube and to my Instagram in hopes to show the Peaceful side of these protests. I couldn'

Music Monday : Justin Tracy

This week's highlight is a new friend of mine, Justin Tracy . I met him in Delaware, he's originally from the UK, and lives in New York, so naturally the immigrant gods put our path's together so we would meet. I had a lovely time performing with him, twice in one weekend. The album that I have of his is called "Bangla Motor", and it is complex in its simplicity. His cool guitar finger playing style, with added tabla percussion (Indian tabla that is). It will blow your mind. Enjoy the loveliness that is Justin Tracy.   - - - - -  Shukran, Thank You & Much Love. Mosno Al-Moseeki  | Become an Art Lover  : Instagram:  @mosno_music  Twitter:  @mosno_music Listen to "NOVELLA" for free at my site:

A worm helped me.

It was a shiny, bright, warm day, the Sun gloriously beaming on where I stood. I was on a sidewalk, with grass at the end of both sides, as I stood there, observing this warm world around me, I notice something under my meet. I see a few un-alive worms, clearly have been stepped on (hopefully by accident), but there was one long alive one. Part of it was stuck to the ground, the other part wiggling for dear life, I looked at the direction it was wiggling towards and I saw shady grass. I knelt down to one knee, carefully picked it up, I was worried the stepped on part would separate but it didn't (yay), and I placed it on the grass it was wiggling towards. I swear, I have never seen a worm move so fast, as soon as I put it down it dug a whole like a BOSS, and slid right under there, but what I did notice, was that after it was almost all the way through, it stopped for a few seconds wiggling at me, and then it disappeared into the cool grass. I smiled and went along with my day

Music Monday : Adryelle

This week, Music Monday goes "Dream Pop" with the lovely Adryelle . I have to be honest, I did not know what Dream Pop was, and when I actually heard Adryelle's music I thought "What is this genre!!?" I know, I know, its sacrilegious for an artist to try to look "inside the box", but it happened. Luckily, Adryelle did have a box, and it was filled with shimmering lights and super cool synth sounds! My favorite EP of her's is "The Waiting Room", I listen to it often, but make sure to check out her other albums, and you will hear the shift in her music, its really cool. Enjoy. The Waiting Room by Adryelle - - - - -  Shukran, Thank You & Much Love. Mosno Al-Moseeki  | Become an Art Lover  : Instagram:  @mosno_music  Twitter:  @mosno_music Listen to "NOVELLA" for free at my site:

Its an infection.

It sure is, and I get it every year, multiple times. Its as if its going out on purpose to get me. The problem is, not only do I get on my own, but I get it from other people as well. If I see someone going through it, I get it. If I speak with someone who has it, I get it. And worst one, is when said person (sometimes multiple persons) seek me out to be part of a collective that has it, because 9 out of 10 times, I will say "Yes please". The infectious infection I'm talking about is "Creativity", get your mind out of the gutter :) Last week I had a good week of music adventures, and it ended with a grand show in which I met new friends, got to see old friends, shared a stage with inspiring friends, and oh yes, picked up another infection, i.e. agreed to have a creative session which may lead into something sonically super awesome. And I'm hoping that I can make that project a reality, but am a little apprehensive about it. I bring this up because I thi

Music Monday : Khaled Dajani

Today's Music Monday post, I bring you a cultural delight. Khaled Dajani is an amazing musician, and such a lovely songwriter. Originally form Palestine, but has fallen in the love with the sounds of Spain, so naturally he merges those two cultures. I had the pleasure of performing with him several times, I had the honor of having him on my NOVELLA album, all the cool guitar work you hear, as well as the background vocals on "Land of Ornith" is all him. He has also released a beautiful album called " LUCI ", and he is currently working on a new EP. I'm warning you now, you will fall in love with dude, so cancel your plans and enjoy Khaled Dajani's "LUCI" album. Luci by Khaled Dajani - - - - -  Shukran, Thank You & Much Love. Mosno Al-Moseeki  | Become an Art Lover  : Instagram:  @mosno_music  Twitter:  @mosno_music Listen to "NOVELLA" for free at my site:

Musicians are as important as Car Mechanics

By no means am I a car guy, I can't tell you the year of a car by listening to it drive down the road, heck I don't even know how many horse power my current car is, but I do find my self watching a LOT of car programs, and they actually inspire me. My Mosno brain works in mysterious ways, and I love it that way. Here is what I notice at these car programs: These mechanics, absolutely LOVE cars. I love it when they take an old non-functioning car, and get to work on it and fix it up and make it alive again, it really puts a big smile on my face, and I'm sure it brightens their day as well. These guys and gals are artists in their own right, it truly does take talent to do what they do. So I got to thinking... The mechanics get paid for doing something they truly love, they are happy, the customer is happy, and good karma all around. So why is this not happening more often in music and the arts? Then it hit me, People would probably say "Well paying a mechanic t

Music Monday : Reve

This week on Music Monday, its my dear friends REVE , oh my god, you have NO idea how much I love them. They are amazing musicians, and beautiful humans. It is my absolute pleasure to be performing with them THIS SATURDAY at one of coolest spots in Baltimore The Metro Gallery. We will be joined by a few other musical friends, it will be a RIOT! You honestly don't want to miss this. Here is a link to the Facebook Event for the Show (4/11) And here the official music video of there killer song "Agency & Accountability" Enjoy :) - - - - -  Shukran, Thank You & Much Love. Mosno Al-Moseeki  | Support Mosno, Become an Art Lover  : Instagram:  @mosno_music  Twitter:  @mosno_music Listen to "NOVELLA" for free at my site: