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Are you singing a song, or telling a story?

As a songwriter, I tend to listen to songs differently, and I noticed something. In almost any genre, the best songs, are the ones that have a theme, or a message. They tend to describe either a place, a person, or a situation, and ease you into the world form which the song is coming from. Story telling is an ancient talent for us humans, I would find it difficult to find a culture which doesn't have stories. Some cultures may even have different renditions of the same story or myth. In the past few years I learned something interesting about song writing, I learned that with practice, I can control it, and this goes for any creative talent. I also learned that I can focus my songwriting to particular ideas. In the past, I would only write when the “muse” was kind enough to smile upon me, but now I learned that I can actually summon up the muse when, or if, I need it. Believe it or not, research helps me. If I want to write about a particular topic, I would actually rese

Dealing with failure

It's unfortunate, but failure happens, it is the most reliable thing in music life. As some of you may know, a few months ago I announced that I was on the Grammy ballot, competing for a nomination in several categories. NOVELLA is one of the best work I've done thus far in my musical life, and I had high hopes of getting nominated at least in one of the obscure categories. Unfortunately I got nothing. I won't lie, I was sad, still am a bit. But most of all I was disappointed,  and started doubting my self, and that's where the danger comes. It starts you on a weird path, it did to me. I started doubting myself, doubting my goal & dreams, and that is never good. Luckily, I had a few performances back to back, including the day in which I failed in one of the major milestones I wanted to accomplish.  People will remind you that many successful things that we love, and are successful,  have been rejected in the past. Harry Potter was rejected by 12 publishers,  

The Theory of Winter

Ask almost any creative person, and they will tell you that Spring is the season they do most of their art work. The weather is beautiful, the birds are singing, vibrant colors every where, it makes a lot of sense. Which is probably why Spring doesn't really affect me that much, at least creative wise. I have spoken in the past several times how Autumn is my ultimate favorite season, I even have a hashtag with my fellow Autumn lovers, any time we find or do something Autumn related we follow it by #TeamAutumn. This year I wrote an epic love poem to the season called "Autumn, Desert, and The Moon", wrote a song called "Waltz of Leaves", and co-wrote another song called "Wild Autumn" with my awesome duo goatFISH , which is myself and my music partner Sahffi Lynne . Plus you can find references to the season in many of my previous songs. Winter is the season I looked forward to the LEAST, its cold, wet and icky outside most of the time and is just th