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The Starving of Sudan.

You know! Today I'm heading over to PA to play a festival which will be raising money to help their local community, and they are also accepting cloth donations to send out to Uganda & South Sudan. I'm honored and proud to be a part of this event, so when I wake up this morning and find an article about the Sudanese government working a plan to starve out the people of the Nuba mountain , it just hurts my soul. I don't really understand, I really don't. Something is very much wrong here. I try my best to be a positive person, and a positive image for my culture, which is a kind and generous culture. And in many way it still is, but it seems that who ever takes up politics is drained out of any kind of compassion and is filled up with loathing and self hate, then for some reason GOD or who ever, gives this person ALL this power, to inflect their evil on innocent people. It just doesn't make sense.My only wish is that one day, I would have enough power to rid