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The FAWM EP : Post #2

Today was so awesome, thank you again to the super creative Joe Scala to bring out some very interesting side of my music, I'm telling you, he's a freaking genius. We worked on two songs today "In This Ritual" & "Awake Your Observer", and he decided that we approach them differently, which was a great decision. Here is what happened. "In This Ritual". This has a more meditative vibe to it, so we approached it in a similar manner. I woke up at 6:48am, with first light, simply brushed my teeth, had some water at room temperature, no vocal warm up or talking or singing of any kind. I drove over to Joe's place with my electric guitar and my tar drum. He had things set up for recording, we laid down the first guitar track, then I SANG the whole song, with my raspy morning voice at one take. It was very interesting, then we added more layers to the song, including acoustic guitar, hand drums, claps, and then I re did the vocals again for t

The vLog Blog

This vlog is a bit different from my past vlogs, not in format, but in how it was made. I wanted to document behind the scenes of the first day of shooting for my upcoming music video "Shukran My Totem", which is directed by award-winning Bentley Brown of "Faisal Goes West" fame. My one thousand year old Flip camera is starting to act up, and I honestly didnt want to lung around with me a larger camera which has recently came into my possession,  plus I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet so I'm not comfortable with it yet. Enter Tablet, I use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet. My tablet is with me most of the time when I'm out, I use it to write down ideas for project, for doodling, checking email, the works. Since it has both a front and back facing camera, it would be perfect for vlogging. So I used it to take all the video for the vlog. When I got home, I wanted to simply download the videos into my PC and edit them like I normally would.