Mosno & The Moonbeams

Mosno & The Moonbeams
A desert eclectic serenade, with a gentle blend of East and West.

Mosno Al-Moseeki
Sudanese singer-songwriter, with songs released in Germany, London, and South Africa. His song "No Kingdom" is in the award-winning short film "Faisl Goes West". In 2012 his website was shut down in his homeland Sudan due to his anti-regime song "System Down" going viral among the Sudanese communities. He has shared the stage with international artists such as Farah Siraj, Waleed Abulhameed, Rusted Root, and Grammy Nominated artist Mathew Santos

The Moonbeams
Nicholas Kosmas (Bass)
Blending the sounds and rhythms from his Greek-American roots with tones and scales found while having the opportunity to travel to Europe and Southwest Asia, Nicholas aims to find the right blend of spices for his own recipe of musical Earthling stew. Music has been part of Nicholas Kosmas's life prior to his first steps. A small music box guitar in his cradle would set the wheels in motion for a lifetime pursuit of all things musical.

Dan LaPorta (Percussion)
With a passion for melding world percussive instruments and a holistic embrace of rhythm and groove, Baltimore based musician and engineer Dan La Porta enjoys bringing sounds from near and far into the fold of his eclectic musical influences. Being introduced to Mediterranean frame drums ignited a new and lasting ardor that led him to briefly study with frame drum master Glen Velez who continues to influence Dan's percussive style along with Patrick Graham, Yshai Afterman, and Jamey Haddad.

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