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LunaVerse : Lyric Book Video

So, as many of you may know, I had decided to create a lyric book for my upcoming "LunaVerse" album. My talented friend Gela of PR Graffix created some beautiful images for the book, an image for each of the songs.
She also went a head and created a lovely little video of the work.

With no further ado, here is:
"The making of LunaVerse: Songs of Selenophilia" Lyric book edition.

Happy Full Moon + GREAT NEWS(s)

Happy Full Moon every one.
I have some news for you.

I am SO excited to announce that not only is the album now officially mastered, but we now also have the album art work which was a collaboration of two of my favorite humans and close friends rob of ilyAIMY & Gela of PR Graffix.

Here is why this album cover is so special.
The Moon image was a photograph taken by rob of the Supermoon, when it appeared here in Baltimore. So its the moon looking at us here.
And since the album is called "LunaVerse" a combo of "Luna + Universe", I wanted something "universe-y". So Gela and I looked up different nebulas, as we searched for "Capricorn", and came across some lovely images that were an inspiration of what you see today.

Samples of the songs form the album have been made, and they will be shared with you all very soon, so you can get an auditorial glimpse of what is to come from this beautiful project.

The lo…